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Momentum is building for a treaty on Nuclear Weapons

We live in a time when governments around the world have been driven by humanitarian concerns to outlaw the use of chemical weapons, land mines and cluster munitions – yet have failed to deal with the most barbaric weapon ever invented by humankind. On 6 August 1945, a white flash appeared over Hiroshima. Seconds later, the city was flattened. Tens of thousands of people were killed immediately and hundreds of thousands later died. The horrific health effects of the burns … Continue reading

Australia in the middle; the US-China Relationship

By Bachelor of International Relations and Social Work student Kyle Nathan John Reeve Welcome to the Asian Century, characterised by the exponential economic growth of China and other Asian nations. Australia is one of many countries taking advantage of China’s growing trade and prosperity, but at what cost?  It has been feared that the close economic relationship forming between China and Australia may be damaging to the longstanding US-Australian military alliance due to ongoing Sino-US tensions. For Australia this poses … Continue reading

Qalandiya Checkpoint: The Juncture for Palestinian Collective Punishment

Raff Piccolo recently graduated from the University of Adelaide with a law and an international studies degree. Currently he is living in Ramallah, Palestine, and working in East Jerusalem, undertaking research for a local NGO on house demolitions. Office workers, labourers, students and the elderly pass through Qalandiya checkpoint (near East Jerusalem) on a daily basis. They are often placed far away from the violence of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Yet, that distance has become notoriously smaller as they are made … Continue reading

Why the Ukraine Crisis is little more than a gas war

UniSA Post graduate Journalism and International Relations student Matteo Gagliardi, explores the situation in the Crimea.   In the middle of a harsh European winter, at the beginning of 2009, citizens in a number of South-Eastern European nations faced an unprecedented crisis: they had been left in the cold without access to gas – a situation for which they were largely unprepared. Starting from the second day of the new year, countries like Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece, … Continue reading

The International Threat of Terrorism to United States Global Primacy

Penelope North investigates the threat of terrorism after the death of Osama bin Laden, and how this will affect America’s standing as the global superpower. Continue reading