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BLOGS Syria: Live from the Blogosphere

The world is ablaze with reports of human rights abuses and civil unrest in the Middle Eastern country of Syria. The news media has taken a great interest in the ongoing issues in the country, reporting daily on new developments as they come to hand. The blogosphere has also been affected, with thousands of civilian reporters and trained professional taking to the Internet to voice their opinions and give a glimpse into their own experiences. In this post, we will take a look at a few different blogs that concentrate on the Syrian conflict, and what they have to offer to international news consumers.
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BLOG American Political Commentary

In today’s blogging Internet society, there is a plethora of political commentary blogs focussing on everything from far-reached international affairs to local council politics. There is nothing more plentiful and sometimes controversial than American political analysis, as everyone wants to have his or her say on the way the country is being run. Taking this into account, this week I’m going to take a look at four very different American political blogs, and discuss what works and what doesn’t. Continue reading

BLOG Pictures of the War – War Art in Afghanistan

“So tired was I that I didn’t even remember the incident till two days later when I was half asleep sitting up in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. They had free wireless in the concourse so I searched around but could find no mention of any attack on KAF. So maybe I dreamt the whole thing. I have certainly been dreaming a lot lately.” It’s the eyes that first grab you. Inked in blue, they draw your eye till you make … Continue reading

BLOG On the Ground

‘On the Ground’ is the blog of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas D. Kristof. Hosted on the New York Times website, the blog follows Kristof’s experiences across the globe, and provides a platform for other writers to voice their opinion.
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Blog Jordan Ink.

Jordan Ink, the blog of foreign correspondent, international reporting teacher and recently published author Michael J. Jordan, is an excellent example of a journalist making a successful foray into the social media circus. Continue reading